Time with your dog

I like to allow the dog to choose his own name. This can be done in two ways. First, spend enough time with your dog to get to know his personality and choose a suitable name. Another way is to make a list of your favorite names and with playful and cheerful voice, try them on your dog. On which name that dog responds is the best name for him. You believe me, he will react differently to different names.
Taking a dog is not an insignificant act, it prompts you to over ten to twelve years, take on the role of parents of other young animals whose development should direct. Confusion of dogs is a major obstacle to successful dog training, and it is very important how to name your dog and how to use it. To them it is very important that how the word sounds, and keep in mind when choosing a name and words that serve as controls. To the dogs, words which use the same accent sound the same, so you must make sure that his name does not sound like any other command. Try...